07 Jan 2023

Yes its Monsoon – Yes you can travel

The summer season in Nepal tends to last from June to August, and is known for recurrent and unexpected rain showers. Ergo, summer season isn’t generally considered ideal for high altitude treks and travel, as ambiguous mountain views, muddy trekking trails, unmanaged roads and flight delays are common.

Albeit, many are oblivious of the fact that there are many places one can visit and unravel during the monsoon season in Nepal. There are certain rain-shadow zones in Nepal that experience lesser rainfall during the monsoon and are appropriate destinations for travel enthusiasts to explore. These rain-shadow zones in Nepal have only slight precipitation due to their topographic barrier of mountain ranges.

One can go for a trek to Upper Mustang as it is situated on the rain shadow zone of the colossal Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, experiencing very little rainfall. While most trekking destinations in Nepal are verdant and full of greenery, Mustang is rather celebrated for its corroded hills and astonishing rocky landscapes. In addition, travelers also get to visit the forbidden kingdom of Lo Mangthang. Here one can discern people practicing ancient Tibetan culture and get to know their way of life and their cultural heritage.

Gurkha Encounters has been giving travel enthusiasts a splendid opportunity to visit the magical kingdom of Mustang along with other similar pristine services. Hence, Gurkha Encounters 8 day trip is the perfect choice for travel lovers who are in search of some adventure during the monsoon season in Nepal.

If you aren’t much of a fan of trekking and exploring various hills and plains Gurkha Encounters has multiple tailor-made travel options just for you. You can either choose to go for a jungle safari and enjoy the serene atmosphere of lush forests or can get all pumped up and ready for an enjoyable comfort trek. Nothing can get better than this, as you get to personalize your dream trip according to your interests, budget and comfort. Gurkha Encounter’s tailor made program allows travelers to choose the travel destination of their choice, along with the duration of their travel, approximate date of their travel and finally their hotel’s specifications. This luxury travel company, hence has been making travelling in monsoon both worthwhile and comfortable.

However, as it is always more thoughtful and pragmatic to be prepared, do carry trekking gears that are appropriate for the monsoon season along with umbrellas and raincoats in case there are slight rain showers.

So, if you are planning to visit our versatile and majestic country, Nepal this monsoon make sure you contact Gurkha Encounters for the best luxury travel and tailor made services.