Dolpo Region

The Dolpo, a remote region in northwestern Nepal bordering on Tibet, is cut off from the rest of the world several months a year by snow and ice. Referred to as a wonderland shrouded in mystery, the Dolpo has been considered the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture left on earth. Nestled in the mountains, at the altitude of 4100 meters, is a small valley called Tarap. Its inhabitants lead a precarious life in a harsh climate trying to grow what they can from arid land. In poorly lit windowless houses, the families gather around small fires of yak dung and shrubs. Most of them lead a nomadic life, looking for pastures for their meager livestock. Their diet consists of tsampa (roasted barley flour) and buttered tea.


Dolpo region has opened for trekking in 1989, the Dolpo region is hard to match for it’s pristine beauty and rugged charm, where one can still have opportunity to meet the nomadic people and their life style almost untouched and unexplored. The Himalayas offer an endless variety of landscapes, cultures and great people. This unbounded diversity makes it a destination you can visit over and over again. It even becomes more interesting and fascinating with all those beauty and attractive nature every time you return.Lying in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, the landscape resembles that of the Tibetan Plateau instead of the lush, green, monsoon watered hills, elsewhere in Nepal, at comparative altitudes.