Off the beaten trail for the adrenaline Junkies

Dhaulagiri and Kanchenjunga Region

An abundance of Himalayan peaks, hidden valleys, high passes, and sweeping vistas, Dhaulagiri, a trans-Himalayan region, is quiet, peaceful, and curious. 
The region is separated from the Annapurna region by Kali Gandaki Forge (the deepest in the world).  The tails surrounded by 15 mountains higher than 7000m are strenuous but filled with tranquility.

The trail of the Kanjchanjunga region goes through the most astonishing mountains in Nepal. The eastern geography, valleys, hills, rivers, and waterfalls make the region wanderlust for all travelers, while the beautiful Rhododendron forest and rich Himalayan wildlife keep the trekkers refreshed. The region's ethnic communities of  Rai, Limbu, and Sherpa also make it culturally significant. Its features include the Glacial Lakes, Yalung glacier, and other beautiful mountain peaks of Kanchenjunga. Experience the unparallel transition of the Worlds Third Highest Peak.