07 Jan 2023

Gurkha Encounters’ Helping Hands for Storm Victims

The Founder and Managing Director of Gurkha Encounters, Mr. Rajendra Bajgain,arranged the distribution of 24 trekking tents, sanitary pads, and clothes to the families who are victims of the storm which took place in Bara District on 3April 2019. A 30-knot gale hit Bara and Parsa Districts of Nepal on 31 March 2019, killing more than 28 people and leaving more than 500 injured.

Ms. Chhoki Sherpa and Ms. Kanchhi Maya Tamang from Gurkha Encounters went to the affected areas with relief materials and distributed the materials in Purainiya village of Pheta Rural Municipality; the most affected area and where 11 people died. “The affected areas are heavily devastated by the storm and victims have no shelters. Mosquitoes are a big problem in the affected areas, mainly because there is currently no electricity and victims have lost their mosquito nets,”shares Ms. Chhoki Sherpa after her visit. She also said that some of the victims have not received relief materials yet because of lack of proper management in the distribution process. Gurkha Encounters believes local authorities should ensure that the most affected and genuine victims should get relief materials as a priority.

This is the first ever incident of this kind caused by a storm in Nepal. The government and local authorities should be aware of such natural disasters and take the necessary mitigating precautions and preparations for the future.