07 Jan 2023

Why visit the Magical Kingdom of Nepal?

Plain of aspiration” this is the precise meaning of the word Mustang in Tibetan, a word so powerful, optimistic and encouraging; the name for a city with a magnificent history. Mustang’s unique name and its irresistible splendor has been persuading inquisitive travelers to make a visit to this magical kingdom. Gurkha Encounters, a luxury travel company has been making such trips possible.

Gurkha Encounter’s luxury trip to Mustang especially focuses on giving travelers, an opportunity to visit Lo-Manthang, also known as the forbidden kingdom of Lo. Lo-Manthang has a worth-listening back story to it. Its journey as an independent kingdom began after 1380, when Ame Pal, a warrior and a sincere follower of Buddhism from Western Tibet, built the fortress of Ketcher Dzong. The warrior along with his sons defeated the local warlords and finally built a wall capital naming it Lo-Mangthang. The newly victorious rulers invited Ngorchen Kunga Sangpo, a renowned teacher of the Sakya sect, from Tibet to introduce new religious beliefs to the kingdom.

This eight day trip starts from the capital city Kathmandu. You will be attended by the amiable staff members of Gurkha Encounters, at the Tribhuwan International airport and, will be ushered to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The real adventure begins on the third day of the trip as all travelers will board a helicopter to Jomsom. The one hour flight will end in a blink of an eye as you will totally get submerged into the scenic vistas outside. After spending a night in Kagbeni, the next day requires all travel enthusiasts to refill their energy quotient, as the day comprises of a long climb. You will also reach to the highest point of the trip, head of the Nye La pass at 3,950m on this day. On the way to Lo-Manthang you will get to observe various villages and the local’s traditional way of living. Tsarang is one of the villages you will get to stopover. This village is a little world of its own with acres of maize fields, willow trees and a colossal red Dzong. Despite adhering to the traditional way of living, Tsarang has an electricity system of its own. The next day after a quick breakfast you will head to visit the ancient Lo-Manthang palace along with Namgyal Gompa and perhaps Tingkhar. The mesmerizing and inimitable beauty of this wall town will leave you feeling euphoric and awe-struck.

The 7th day of the trip might make you think “Why does this journey have to end so fast?” However, this day too holds a lot of worthwhile activities and experiences. After breakfast a chartered helicopter will take you to the Annapurna Basecamp; one of the most well-known trekking destination in Nepal.

You will surely be unable to let your eyes of the breathtaking Annapurna Mountain, the tenth tallest mountain of the world. Well the last day of the trip arrives faster than you had imagined. All international guests will be dropped at the airport on the 8th, and final day of the trip.

This Luxury Trip to Mustang will surely be a lifetime experience for you, unlike any of your travel journeys. This journey will make you realize how diverse the world actually is, and will definitely be a great hideaway from the busy and hectic, yet monotonous city life.