07 Jan 2023

Lake Rara

Lake Rara-a place for self-reflection:

Nepal is a country with plentitude of hidden natural treasures; when you think you have discovered all places of mesmerizing beauty, you hear of a new place that is even more captivating and tempting to visit. Lake Rara is one of such places. It is a place of unexplainable beauty; a site that will leave you completely submerged in its profound serenity and enthralling magnificence.

Ergo, if you are in Nepal or are planning to make a visit sometime soon, you should undoubtedly go explore and unravel Lake Rara. However, visiting a new country with a completely new culture and way of living can be somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless, Gurkha encounters; a luxury and adventure travel company has everything planned out for you, in order to make your trip to Nepal an indelible and worthwhile one.

Gurkha Encounter’s eleven day trip to Rara is one of its most relished trips and will help you explore Western Nepal’s mesmerizing beauty in depth. You will be greeted by our amiable staff members at the Tribhuwan International airport and will be escorted to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The next day you will get an opportunity to visit architectural magnum opuses inside the valley such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, the Swaymbunath Stupa and many more. The real adventure will begin from the second day of your trip as a private chartered B3E helicopter will take you to Jumla. The remaining day in Jumla will be spent unravelling the local bazars and visiting an ancient temple dedicated to a mystic; Chandan Nath. The next day you will trek to Chere Chaur and camp overnight. On the way to Chere Chaur you will discern stone stupas depicting some of Buddha’s history. On the 6th day of the trip you will climb uphill to Sinja Valley. During this time you will get a once in a life time opportunity to take a look at the three hundred year old Kanaksundari Temple, where deftly built ancient stone lions will guard the inner altar. Sinja once used to be the flourishing winter capital of the Malla Kings and hence has a few Malla stones, dating from the medieval Khasa Kingdome.

Finally on the eighth day of your trip your anticipation will lessen and your 4 days of rigorous trekking will seem worth it, as you will reach your final destination; the largest and the deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. The trek from Ghorosingha to Lake Rara will surely be a worthwhile one; your heart will be full of indefatigable energy and excitement as you will be closest to your destination then. During the evening of the eighth day you will get to laze your time away, relax, and regain some energy as everyone camp overnight near the shores of Rara. The next day you can walk up to the Murma hill for a full view of the lake and the surrounding scenic valleys. You can cleanse your body and your soul by swimming at the lake. You will be left feeling immediately recharged and energized after the swim because the water is extremely refreshing and cold.

The pure crystal clear water of the Lake Rara will make you pensive and contemplative about the purpose of your life. The pellucid surface of the lake not only reflects the clear azure sky above, albeit will also help you reflect upon yourself.