Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang is the extension of the Tibetan plateau has an average elevation of over 3,000m. Located to the north of the highest mountains Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and to the north of the main Himalayan range and geographically part of the Tibet highlands. Mustang is the old kingdom of Lo. Officially the capital of the Mustang district is Jomsom, but the natural and original Tibetan customs, which is situated north of Kagbeni and is known as Upper Mustang.

It is a vast high valley, arid and dry, characterized by eroded canyons, colorful rock formations and has a barren, desert like appearance.

One of the most fascinating features of Mustang is literally thousands of cliff dwellings, some of which look completely inaccessible. Mustang was once a much greener land in theory way back 8-10,000 BC. The most when well known, intrepid explorers such as Professor David Snellgrove and the Italian scholar Guiseppi Tucci visited Mustang in the 1950’s and it has largely been their tales of a Tibetan like arid region that has fuelled interest in the area.

Recognizing the special nature of this old, tiny kingdom, the Nepal Government has imposed a surcharge for anyone wishing to trek past Kagbeni, the border of Upper Mustang. Only the organized trekking groups are allowed in for the first time since March 1992, an opportunity for you to be a part of a small privileged minority to visit these remote frontiers of Nepal.Our Mustang program, gives you an excellent options to visit the main town, Lo Manthang, and one or two of the villages beyond in this


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