Filming in Nepal

Filming in nepal

Nepal is a diverse country in just about every aspect; geographically, from the Terai to the 8000 m summits, environmentally from the tropical forests to the arctic type wilderness, developmentally from the modern bustling cities to remote communities and culturally from the ancient culture crossing the boundaries of many different religions and ethnic groups to urban life of the 21 century.

Such diversity in one county makes Nepal a unique destination for documentary filmmakers from the ardent professional photographers to novices just experiencing their film attempt at producing their first filming in Nepal.

Gurkha Encounters has a broad portfolio of experience in supporting several major film and television companies with their filming in Nepal. If you are interested in this sort of activity and require experienced and professional support contact Gurkha Encounters for more details and a personalized itinerary to meet your specific needs for filming in Nepal.

Nepal offers a broad platform for all aspects of filming; from Everest Photo Shoots, Annapurna Filming Nepal, Photography in the Himalayan range to National Park Filming, and Wild Life Photo Safaris.

Gurkha Encounters can provide logistic and location advice and offer a full professional package through all financial options to the less expensive option for those working with lower budgets.
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