Corporate and Incentives


At Gurkha Encounters, we plan corporate and incentives travel to motivate and improve the morale of your company. Incentive travel is used by different types of organizations with diverse objectives in mind. A few of the primary reasons to partake in incentive and corporate travel is to improve productivity, service, and quality through motivation. Incentives may be used by a company to motivate its employees, their customers, or their suppliers. Above all, incentive travel affords an unprecedented opportunity for recognition, bonding, communications, morale and networking. It allows for the occasion to recognize special effort of employees and communicate it in conjunction with a tangible reward in front of their peers and colleagues, which tends to be a very powerful motivational tool. In addition, by getting your key performers together there is an added bonus where by people will talk amongst themselves, share information, learn new techniques and get to know one another better without the pressure of the work-place. Allow us the opportunity to help you create a better team. We assure you, your group will return different and better! We design corporate adventures that will motivate, excite and challenge your group. At Gurkha Encounters, we will create the ideal adventure itinerary to fit your company’s business objectives and travel needs.
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