Soaring on Everest

52 world records is not enough…

Klaus Ohlmann, one of the worlds most famous gliderpilots surfed today on the top of the world.

The adventurer used at first weak lifts in thermals on the soutwestern ridge of Everest. He reached the summit in a wave just above the Khumbu icefalls. The glider, a Stemme S10 VT, was used today in a meteorological turbulence-study as part of a scientific environmental research for pollution-and glacier-monitoring, together with German Aerospace and ICIMOD.

The entire mission nearly failed in November due to lack of authorisation.

By good luck Klaus met Rajendra Bajagain, Director of Gurkha Encounters. The businessman was able to organise within one week,what was not possible within one year. Authorization, Fuel, etc. So, he saved not only a scientific mission.

50 years after the first ascension of Everest, he also enabled a new ecological approach to the highest mountain on earth: the first silent flight with a glider summited march 01, 2014.