Expetition Experience


KATHMANDU: The expedition team that lighted the eternal torch at Mt Amadablam as a part of the inauguration ceremony of Nepal Tourism Year (NTY) 2011 on January 14 were felicitated today in Kathmandu.

The eleven-member expedition team lighted the torch with the fire of Lumbini’s Eternal Lamp at the mountain’s peak in synchronisation with President lighting the torch in stadium where formal inauguration was being held for NTY 2011.

The team was led by experienced climber Zima Zangbu Sherpa who is also the president of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

“We set out for the expedition thinking if we can promote NTY from the very mountains for which Nepal is famous for, we can get more international attention,” Pemba Dorjee Sherpa, climbing leader and the expedition coordinator, said, explaining how the idea for expedition was conceived. He is Guinness World Record holder for scaling Mt Everest in eight hours ten minutes and also a goodwill ambassador for NTY 2011. He said there is a need to promote NTY 2011 domestically as well.

NTY & beyond

KATHMANDU: Sharad Singh Bhandari, minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, said the participation of all sectors to make NTY successful is overwhelming. With the end of 2011, tourism year for Nepal will not end and bringing in one million tourists will not be enough. NTY will be successful when Nepal will welcome as many tourists as its population. NTY will start the wave of tourism in Nepal,” he said.

Source: The Himalayan Times 3 Feb 2011