Nepal Peak Climbing


Over 326 peaks in Nepal are now open to foreign visitors and expeditions for a government fee. Our expedition support teams of guides, Sherpas, porters and kitchen staff are all experienced, professional and trusted individuals in logistical and operational arrangements for high Himalayan expeditions. They work together as a team, with you, to ensure success and high safety standards as well as to ensure you enjoy your expedition and achieve your ambitions, whether that be to summit Everest, reach the South Base Camp of Kanchenjunga or enjoy non-technical peak climbing on some of the higher trekking peaks. Our peak climbing expedition services include the provision of experienced expedition support teams, provision of necessary equipment, food and transportation, ensuring that mountaineering regulations and laws of Nepal are adhered to, arranging relevant peak climbing, satellite phone and filming permits, obtaining necessary permissions and information, for example customs clearance for bringing equipment into Nepal, providing equipment and clothing lists and other expedition related advice and information required.

We offer a number of mountaineering packages and can also tailor make expedition itineraries for you. We have included just a few examples here but are happy to respond to inquiries on any of the Himalayan climbing peaks. Contact us for detailed information on expedition regulations, essential equipment including radio sets and satellite phones, customs clearance for bringing equipment into Nepal, required climbing permits, conservation garbage deposit, detailed itineraries, suggested equipment and clothing and individual or group pricing.