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Tibet is a historical region covering much of the Tibetan Plateau in Inner Asia. It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups such as Monpa, Qiang, and Lhoba peoples and is now also inhabited by considerable numbers of Han Chinese and Hui people. Tibet is the highest region on Earth, with an average elevation of 4,900 metres (16,000 ft). The highest elevation in Tibet is Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain, rising 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above sea level.

The language has numerous regional dialects which are generally not mutually intelligible. It is employed throughout the Tibetan plateau and Bhutan and is also spoken in parts of Nepal and northern India, such as Sikkim. In general, the dialects of central Tibet (including Lhasa), Kham, Amdo and some smaller nearby areas are considered Tibetan dialects.

Best places to see in Tibet

The Potala Palace

Jokhang Temple


Yamdrok Lake

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Mt. Everest Base Camp


Mt Kailash

Lulang Forest

Trips in Tibet

Travel Information

How to Get Tibet and Away

Tourism is highly restricted in Tibet and independent travel is not allowed. Foreign travelers need to prearrange a tour in order to obtain a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit; only Chinese and Hongkong travelers are free to enter without a visa.

Travel Safety in Tibet

Overall Tibet is a safe place where you will meet friendly, honest and trustworthy people. The locals are incredibly curious about outsiders, especially outside of Lhasa, and will try to help you whenever possible.

Passport and Visa for Tibet

Indispensable travel documents to Tibet Tour involves your passport,Chinese Visa,Tibet Visa (also known as Tibet Travel Permit). Travelers who enter Tibet are required to apply for Group Tourist Visa – a kind of single entry visa.

Tibet Climate and Weather

The climate in Tibet belongs to the typical high-altitude plateau climate. Climates are much different in different areas in Tibet and temperatures vary greatly within a single day.


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