Gurkha Encounters’ flag atop Mt. Everest

Gurkha Encounters’ flag was hoisted on top of the world for the first time. Ms. Kanchhi Maya Tamang, one of the Team Members of Gurkha Encounters hoisted the flag atop Mt. Everest on 22 May 2019 at 08:00am local time on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Gurkha Encounters.

Since mountain tourism is the most important part of Nepalese tourism, Gurkha Encounters and its Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Rajendra Bajgain are always conscious about the global warming and its negative impacts on the mountains. Previously, Mr. Bajgain initiated and coordinated the government level programmes like, “The Historic Cabinet Meeting of Nepalese government near Mt. Everest” and “Summiteers’ Summit to Save the Himalayas” to drag the world’s attention on the climate change. This time, the message was fluttered on the top of the world as “Save The Mountains”.

Similarly, Ms. Chhoki Sherpa, another Team Member of Gurkha Encounters was chosen as one of the liaison officers by the Department of Tourism (DoT) for the Spring Everest Expedition 2019. She was one of the two liaison officers who were nominated by Everest Summiteers’ Association and approved by the DoT. Chhoki successfully climbed Mt. Everest in the spring of 2018, and as an Everest summiteer, she is well acquainted with the condition on the mountains and life of climbers. She successfully completed her duty as a liaison officer.

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