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The Himalayan destinations of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India are natural and spiritual centres that are hypnotically beautiful, most of them with their beautiful monuments, like mountains sheering from the sea, and spectacular pageant of motifs as if commemorated to the divine. Our multi-country, multi-cultural trips bring you all the glories of pious Himalayas, the most spiritually-rich part of the planet. Our recommended tours bring the world of sacred Bhutan, spectacular Nepal, spiritual India and mystical Tibet- together to reveal the striking beauty, multi-layered history, and cultural treasures of this enchanting region, probably the most spectacular amalgamation in the world. Taking a swing through the many wonderful sights here, you’ll explore the deep hidden world of the Himalayas, perhaps discovering an entirely different world within yourself in the process.


Nepal is renowned for its trekking trails and leisurely tours. It is a great destination for adventure tourism that includes mountain climbing expeditions, peak climbing, mountain biking, trekking and much more.


Traveling in Bhutan is a rare chance not only because the country strictly limits the number of tourists, but also because Bhutan tour is about finding the extreme charm that exudes a sense of serenity.


The Land of Ancient Buddhist culture, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, centuries-old caravan trails. The Buddhist culture permeates every rock in the landscape.


We offer specially designed tours that are made just for you to give you enough space to experience the depth of a civilization that dates back to the time immemorial.


We are fully committed to providing you with a customized program which meets your exact criteria.

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