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Sikkim is a landlocked Indian state nestled in the Himalaya. It is the least populous state in India, and the second-smallest in area after Goa. The thumb-shaped state borders Nepal on its western border, Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north and east, and Bhutan in the southeast. The Indian state of West Bengal borders Sikkim to its south. The official language of the state is English, but there is a sizable population that converses in Nepali (the lingua franca of the state), Lepcha, Bhutia, and Limbu. It is the only state in India with an ethnic Nepalese majority. It is an ancient land also known as Indrakil, the garden of Indra, the king-god of heaven in Hindu religious texts. The predominant religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. Gangtok is the capital and largest town.

Despite its tiny size, with an area of 2,745 sq mi (7,110 km²), Sikkim is geographically diverse, owing to its location on the Himalaya. The climate ranges from subtropical to high alpine. Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak, is located in the northwestern part of the state on the boundary with Nepal, and can be seen from most parts of the state. Sikkim is a popular tourist destination for its culture, scenic beauty and biodiversity. Holidays in Sikkim whether it be simple travel or adventurous trekking accompanied by a Sikkim guide will provide you with one of the most memorable experiences of a life-time.

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Sikkim, ‘the best-kept secret in the Himalayas’, is nestled between Nepal, China, Bhutan and West Bengal (India). Sikkim’s rugged and dramatic terrain has elevation variations ranging from 285m to 8540m. It is the ultimate paradise for botanists and plant lovers with over 4000 species of flowering plants, including an incredible 600 species of orchid. For adventure lovers the unrivalled trekking trails offer verdant forests, rhododendron-covered hillsides, remote monasteries, glaciers, high passes and magnificent mountain views. Khanchendzonga (8435m), the third highest mountain in the world, lies in the small state of Sikkim

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West Sikkim Himalayas Trek to Dzongri
  • Total Duration: 14 days
  • Duration in Sikkim: 10 days
  • Trek Starts: Bhadrapur
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Sublime Sikkim Tour
  • Total Duration: 11 days
  • Duration in Sikkim: 07 days
  • Tour Starts: Bhadrapur
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